Central Florida Senior Home Caregiving & Companionship Services

central florida citrus county home senior care healthcareOur professional caregivers and companions help your loved ones retain their independence.
Families Come First, LLC understands each client and family has different needs. For some, simple friendship or companionship is appropriate, for others, help with daily errands and transportation may be needed. There are also those who may require more personal care. There are no minimums or maximums, from 1 hour to 24 hour around the clock care, we can help.

Our caregivers and dedicated management team can assist with the following:

Caring Senior Companionship - Our caregivers are more than just hired help, they are your friends and truly care for your well-being.
central florida citrus county home senior care healthcareTransportation - We will eliminate the stress associated with daily transportation needs - including trips to the doctor, pharmacy, dentist, grandchildren's sporting events, salon appointments, groceries and more.
Meal Planning and Preparation - We will help ensure that all of you or your loved one's meals are flavorful, fresh and nutritious. Our caregivers can help plan and prepare meals for days they are with you or your loved one and even help prepare meals ahead for times they are not.
Personal Hygiene/Dressing/Bathing/Grooming Safety - "Peace of mind" comes with all of our services ... particularly when your safety or the safety of you or your loved one is involved. Our caregivers will provide help with everyday tasks that have become too difficult due to incapacity, central florida citrus county home senior care healthcareillness or injury.
Medication Reminders - Managing medications can be a daunting task for many people. Our caregivers will help you or your loved one stay on track for a healthy future.
Assisting With Shopping and Errands - Leave the driving to Families Come First! Whether it's driving you or your loved one on an errand or doing it ourselves, we'll help with errands that have become burdensome.
Housekeeping/Laundry/Mail Organization - We understand that a safe, healthy, clean home is paramount to a sense of well-being, confidence and sense of order. We will help you organize your mail as well to ensure bills are paid on time and nothing gets forgotten. If necessary, we will communicate with your family when we suspect any received mail is of a suspicious nature as financial crimes against the central florida citrus county home senior care healthcareelderly are on the rise.
Light Exercise and Activities - Walks around the neighborhood while having a nice chat with one of our caregivers helps restore physical and emotional health and well-being to many of our clients who yearn for social interaction.
Personalized Services - We make every effort to accommodate client requests for other essential services. We are always willing to help in any way we can.

At Families Come First, our caregivers are carefully interviewed and pre-screened for honesty and integrity. We conduct a thorough background check. All of our contract workers are fully licensed and trained. After we personally meet with you and/or your family and assess your needs, we will match you or your loved one with the best caregiver possible for your needs. At any time, if you or your family aren't perfectly happy with your caregiver, we will replace them immediately. Our staff is available 24 hours/day to resolve any problem that may arise.

Please click here to schedule an in-home consultation or to contact us with any questions you may have.
Licensed by the State of Florida #NR30211474.